Infrastructure & Data Centre

Essential for building a strong IT infrastructure and supporting effective and secure communication within your organization, our Infrastructure & Data Center services ensure innovative functionality and advanced performance.

What we do

Advanced infrastructures, which guarantee high performance for every business type. Video Collaboration services, which facilitate remote communication and collaboration, essential in an increasingly connected and digital work environment.

Reliability and

Reliable, high-performance hardware solutions that ensure an optimally functioning IT infrastructure with no interruptions.


Fast connectivity within the organization, facilitating faster and more efficient communication and data access essential for smooth business operations.

Support and

Comprehensive support and integration services ensure that hardware and networks are perfectly aligned with the company's specific needs.

Cutting-edge infrastructure: the key to business competitiveness

Choosing cutting-edge infrastructure is crucial to keeping your business competitive and efficient. With the latest technologies, from servers to PCs and network devices, you can ensure high performance, enhanced security, and increased productivity. A reliable infrastructure not only supports daily operations, but also opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth in the Supply Chain.

Our infrastructures
  • Video Collaboration Platform
  • VOIP Services
  • Server
  • PC
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Access points
  • UPS

Video Collaboration Platform: improves business communication

The Leviahub Video Collaboration Platform is designed to improve communication and collaboration within companies. It offers solutions that enable clear and productive virtual meetings, essential for geographically distributed teams and remote work.

Our Video Collaboration Platforms
  • Easy to install
  • Fully integrated and compatible with all major video conferencing systems and software (Skype for Business, Zoom, environmental controls, virtual whiteboards, and more)
  • Easy screen sharing (up to 4 screens)

VOIP services: efficient business communications

Our VOIP services offer flexible and low-cost communication solutions, enabling clear and reliable calls.

Features of our VOIP Services
  • Perfect for improving internal and external communication
  • Reduces operational costs associated with traditional telephone lines

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