Designed for Freight Forwarders and NVOCC, Leviahub's solutions simplify the management and the tracking of each shipment, guarantee precise localisation, and allow constant monitoring of route costs, even according to commodity category.

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The challenge for forwarders in the national and global Supply Chain? Finding the right management and tracking solutions. At Leviahub, we have developed multi-lingual and multi-currency software and APPs to provide advanced control over every procedure, simplifying customs communications and managing air and sea freight spot offers. Result: you optimise costs and increase the effectiveness of your shipping business. Discover all the Solutions.

For years, we have been providing tailored software solutions for freight forwarders operating worldwide.

Our tools are designed to efficiently manage every feature of national and international shipments, from transport coordination and pick-up to container management for handling and insurance.

Our integrated systems specifically developed for Freight Forwarders and NVOCC simplify the operational management of all your services. Reduce complexity and increase efficiency as well as profitability: ask for freight forwarding-specific consulting.