Cloud-based and modular software for managing all your customs procedures: declarations, active and passive processing, duty refunds, customs warehouses and temporary storage, excise management. Leviahub is a member of EUR Trade Net (ETN), the European association of software houses specialising in the development of customs procedures and, in addition, has a permanent table within the European Commission's working groups with the Leaders of DG TAXUD to inform members about the new Community IT directives on customs matters.

Explore our Customs solutions

We offer innovative and comprehensive software solutions for the management of all customs practices, which significantly simplify import-export procedures for freight forwarders and customs operators. Our cloud-based solutions save valuable time and speed up your customs procedures: discover all the possibilities and optimise your processes.

Fast consultation and customs operations management, even for large companies with the automation and optimisation of import-export and transit transactions.

If you are looking for solutions to speed up your customs operations and improve the overall efficiency of each process, with us at Leviahub you can count on a unique expertise in the Supply Chain panorama.

Our collaboration with EUR Trade Net (ETN) allows us to define protocols in collaboration with customs authorities and thus be always up-to-date on regulatory and procedural news.