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Innovation by innovation, we are leading the change in the supply chain. Now, let us lead yours.


Customised solutions for the supply chain in Italy and worldwide.

For years, we have been supporting companies operating in the national and international supply chain with customised solutions, specifically designed for freight forwarders, couriers, last mile, container terminals and industry. With cutting edge software and high-performance, flexible IT solutions for a proper process optimisation, today we are the industry's hub of reference. Your unique technological and consulting partner, able to guide you to success.

Innovative. Flexible. Efficient. Explore our Solutions.

Designed to simplify procedures, reduce operating times, and improve workflows, our Solutions enhance the efficiency of every process and increase the competitiveness of your company.

Complete services to take you a thousand steps forward

Our wide range of Services is based on the result of several vertical expertise in the Supply Chain sector working together. That's why, from process digitisation to full technical support, we are able to cover all business needs in logistics, transport and forwarding.

Improve efficiency, maximise benefits and secure a lasting competitive advantage: with us, you take one step forward in your plans. And a thousand more than your competitors.

Together with us, every story is a success story.

The companies and businesses we have guided to success are countless.

Here we have collected a few of them to tell their stories, inspire you and show you that, there is always a way to success.

Leviahub is born and will be present at Transpotec-Logitec 2024


The Supply Chain Excellence is Italian and has a strong presence in Europe.

Keylogger: spyware that steals your password


Is your keyboard a secret spy? Discover it now and don't get caught unprepared, protect your business.

Exploit development


Can you detect an exploit? We reveal you the signs to recognise malware infection and the secrets to protect your business.

Ynvia Chain: the HR revolution for the Supply Chain


The latest revolution from Leviahub and the first HR software to easily and intuitively manage Supply Chain resources.

Ynvia HR: the complete suite for the Digital Transformation of HR management


The innovative product stars at the Global Human Resources Summit to guide the companies of the future.