Cloud & Hosting

Maximise your company's efficiency and security: with our Cloud & Hosting services, you get smooth, integrated management of your digital assets and speed up every operation. Cutting-edge, secure, designed for the Supply Chain.

What we do

Cloud & Hosting Services for a totally reliable digital base. Advanced solutions for secure data centres. File sharing and cloud backup for optimal collaboration. Customised IaaS services and access to the Office 365 suite for an efficient and professional workflow.

Scalability and

Scale IT resources according to business needs, ensuring greater operational flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to market changes.


Ensures advanced data protection, with cutting-edge security measures to prevent information loss and security breaches.

Accessibility and

With an efficient cloud, data and applications can be accessed remotely, facilitating collaboration between teams and improving workflow efficiency.

Cloud & Hosting: the digital foundation for your business

Our Cloud & Hosting services offer a strong, scalable platform for managing your business data. This gives you unprecedented operational flexibility, with secure and reliable access to data, documents and applications at any time and from anywhere.

Our Cloud & Hosting Services
  • File sharing
  • Backup in cloud

Data centres and file sharing: security and collaboration

Our data centres provide a secure data storage solution, while cloud-based file sharing facilitates internal and external collaboration. We also offer cloud-based backup solutions to ensure that your data is always protected and easily retrievable in the event of a disaster.

Our Data Centre campus in Cornaredo (Milan)
  • 8 hectares of land with an available electrical power of 60 MW
  • Infrastructure equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum physical and technical safety
  • TIER IV level design and N+1 minimum redundancy electrical and cooling architecture

IaaS Services and Office 365 Suite: boost your productivity

With our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, we offer customised solutions to suit your specific needs in the supply chain. In addition, we provide access to the Office 365 Suite to improve productivity, as well as e-mail services and domain registration for efficient and professional business communication.

Our IaaS Services and Office 365 Suite
  • Electronic Mail
  • Mail domain registration
  • Office 365 suite

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