Digitalising processes to increase import/export

Personalised consulting and the adoption of the right software can lead a supply chain company to international success. This is the growth story of Becosped.

At the beginning of 2023, Becosped is an established company in the field of national and international forwarding and logistics, with import/export services by land, sea and air. It is constantly expanding: the Prato office has been followed by others in Milan, Belgium and Germany; in parallel, Becofrance has also been strengthened.

The Leviahub challenge: to increase Bescosped's overall efficiency by decreasing costs and delays related to internal processes, offering more advantageous services to customers. How was it won? With a highly verticalised and specialised TMS for transport and logistics companies, able to guarantee timely responses, full traceability of goods and sharing of documentation, enabling Becosped to remain competitive in the market.

Another solution that has enabled Becosped to accelerate its growth is the adoption of a WMS integrated with the TMS, capable of optimising warehouse management, guaranteeing highly customised services for third-party logistics.

A vertical TMS for transport and logistics, a WMS for warehouse optimisation: the winning consultancy for Becosped.

Thanks to Leviahub, Becosped's management responds promptly to its customer base regarding information such as the PODs of goods, whether delivered domestically or in any European country, and manages the warehouse in a fully digitised manner, optimising warehouse worker routes and the goods storage.

Leviahub's TMS integrates tools for tracking shipments and allows orders to be planned and the fleet to be monitored in real time: ideal for a company like Becosped, which deals with land, sea and air freight forwarding at a European and international level. Today, through Tracking, its customers can track their goods and acquire the relevant documentation directly online. In addition, the TMS allows the calculation of CO2 emissions for sustainable supply chain management.

Leviahub's WMS, on the other hand, guarantees a high degree of optimisation in the storage and handling of goods in the warehouse and the customisation of services for third-party logistics, easily adapting to special cases and specific customer requirements. Its extremely simple User Experience allows for intuitive and immediate use.

With Leviahub's consultancy, Becosped was able to activate new business profiles by entering the full load market with cutting-edge, highly customisable customer-side IT solutions.

The Advantages

Efficient management

Traffic operators can efficiently manage orders and their disposition. All data relating to individual consignments are easily managed and organised according to transport requirements. Leviahub's TMS offers shippers (land, sea, air and rail) everything they need in a single product, providing for the issuing of: AWB, CIM, policies, customs instructions, delivery order, cargo manifest.

Cost/revenue evaluation

Simple cost and revenue evaluation of the transported pallet for each individual trip. Ideal for groupage services where software is needed to manage all goods repositioning until arrival at destination

Advanced functionalities

Waybills, borderos, parcel marker printouts that track the status of goods and allow the reporting of any anomalies, marker management to identify receipts and goods to be returned, stock management, anomaly management and pallet management.

Logistics process optimisation

Efficient and centralised logistics and transport operations management, improving the planning, execution and monitoring of shipments

Comprehensive vehicle management

Workshop, warehouse and deadlines are managed digitally, speeding up every process. Data from fuel companies, motorways and numerous other suppliers can be imported automatically.

Customs operations management

The TMS is developed for the customs management of import, export and transit operations. It is aimed at both customs declarants and companies that carry out operations on their own.

Online tracking

Essential for tracking shipped goods throughout their journey until delivery. Possibility of uploading shipment outcomes, proofs of delivery (POD) and customer invoices online.

Self-learning warehouse management

Working mode analysis, optimizing the goods location in the warehouse according to shipping dates to improve the routes of warehouse workers.

Improved time management

More effective management of employees' working time; optimization of resource planning and distribution that enables reduction of waste.

Cloud data centre

Ability to run the data center in the Cloud as well as on a fixed server to provide access in IaaS.

Integrated APP for hauliers

Automatic sharing of routes for deliveries directly on the APP, facilitating the work of hauliers.

Streamlined integration and data flow

Different functionalities are managed in a single working environment, allowing better data sharing and simplifying the flow of information within the company.