Increase competitiveness starting from the organization

Today, Galardi S.r.l. is one of the leading companies in the logistics and shipping sector, specializing in national and international land, air and sea transport. This is also thanks to Leviahub Solutions designed specifically for the Supply Chain.

Galardi s.r.l has started its activity with only one centre and a small team of collaborators: today it has arrived to count beyond 150 people to the assets, 3 branches in Italy, 1 in Portugal and 7 in France.

What is your need? Initially, to introduce a company software to integrate operational and accounting processes, then extending it to all branches in Italy and abroad in order to be more competitive. Further need: to be guided in the IT transaction to facilitate business integration and improve operational and accounting efficiency at all locations.

Multilingual software and optimized multi-branch management: Thanks to Leviahub, today Galardi Group has improved the operations and accounting of each location.

The proposed solutions include a multilingual Business Intelligence software that can facilitate communication and flows between branches and can rely on a single management, a portal for electronic invoicing management and a recovery system that guarantees data recovery.

For Galardi Group, the practical benefits of adopting Leviahub’s Business Intelligence software have been numerous, starting with the automatic data entry into each location flows, which allows a huge saving of resources, time and costs. Inter-branch charges are automatic and, since they cannot be changed except by the control staff, they are always accurate. In addition, the headquarters can monitor all Group shipments and intervene in case of economic discrepancies. Moreover, you can immediately check turnover, costs and revenues to keep under control the profitability of the total traffic and the individual shipment or request.

The e-invoicing portal, on the other hand, simplifies the handling of invoices by sending them to the accountant or directly to the SDI to receive them to the customer in real time, and sends instant notifications about any errors or shortcomings in the invoice sent.

Today, the workflow of each branch, and of the Group as a whole, has significantly improved with faster and more precise operations, thanks to the processes automation and the human errors reduction. The partnership with Leviahub has enabled Galardi Group to integrate operational and accounting processes in its national and international subsidiaries.

The Advantages

Integration of operational and accounting processes

Effective integration of accounting with operations, both domestic and international. Option to forecast the economic result of the work in progress and make monthly, quarterly or four-monthly budgets based on already recorded costs. Accounting records generation complete with information regarding individual services.

Time and resources optimization

Sending information and documents to customers in an automated way increases productivity and profitability and improves the overall company efficiency.

Fine management

Fine data entry with the upload option of photo and accrual. The driver can enter it on the dedicated APP or company personnel can upload it to the HR portal.

Comprehensive warehouse management

By taking advantage of modern data mobility technologies and tools such as hand-held guns, warehouse operations can be optimised, improving efficiency and accuracy in the execution of tasks. In addition, you get a complete view of warehouse management, allowing precise monitoring of all operations, from order receipt to dispatch.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

In order to always comply with legal requirements, avoid penalties and bureaucratic complications, and get a clear and complete overview of the progress of your electronic invoices.